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Case study education 4

Case Study— note books and pencils for primary schools 4


Shree Janakai secondary School, Bankatta, Kailali is one of the schools which benefitted from our Books and Pencils project which supplied resources to a total of 3228 children in partnership with RUN Nepal.
The school is in the Far Western Region of Nepal, IS IN a remote area of Terai, 30 KM from the nearest city of Dhangadi and around 700 KM far from the capital of Nepal.
Most of the students are from Tharu ethnic group which is marginalized indigenous Community and most of them are Kamaiya, which is a system of bonded labour that prevailed in the rural economy of western Terai. Kamaiya used to enter into contract with a landlord (Jamindar) verbally for one year, to fulfil their family’s basic needs but often became trapped in debt to the landlord and became bonded labour for generations. The Kamaiya system was made illegal in the country by “Kamaiya Labour (Prohibition) Act 2002 in Nepal. The rehabilitation of Mukta (freed) Kamaiya is still not completed a decade later.

Our campaign provided exercise books and pencil to 210 students in the primary level. The RUN Nepal team departed at 1 pm from Bus Park in Kathmandu and reached Dhangadi the next day at 10 am. They took a local vehicle from Dhangadi to Bankatta along a bumpy off-road journey. They had to cross the river bank by the boat where Secondary level students and the families helped carry the boxes, and they reached the school at 2 Pm.
‘When we reached in the school it was half time and students are playing in the playground. We met Mr Ganga Prashad Shah, who is the principle of school and other teachers too. Previously the school informed all the parents about our visit so they also welcomed us.’ - Says Rajan Bagale.
The program was conducted in the chairmanship of the president of school committee Mr Asha Ram Chaudhary, and Mr Ganga Prashad Shah the school principle welcomed the team. RUN Neal had a good opportunity to talk to the children and encouraged them to make good use of the resources. They were also able to speak to parents to gain their support in encouraging regular school attendance.