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Case StudyŚ sanitation for families 1

Thul Bahadur Thapa and family from Duara, Baglung District

Mr. Thapa is the brother of Monbahadur Thapa and has one wife and four children. There are 2 sons aged 14 and 12 and 3 daughters aged 6,5 and 3 who all go to school.
He works his own land and increases his meager income by sometimes helping other farmers.
He has never been to Kathmandu, or Pokhara, but has been to Baglung twice (four hours walk).
The parents want their children to be fully educated. All four children go to the local free state school. Relatives help with other school costs and the school provides one bursary. The children work in the fields before and after school.
They house has no electricity, gas, water or toilet. The local stream is used by at least one other family as a toilet, the families do not use the stream for drinking water.
They have lived in the house for 7 years. Their previous house was too old so they had to build this one.

The couple has a son who died at birth and a daughter who died from unknown causes in later life.
His wife experienced an ear infection, but they could not afford antibiotics so they used oil and herbs.
The small plot of land produces 2 muri of rice and 2 muri of millet ( 1 muri =729 sq. ft. ), they have a banana tree, but no vegetables. They produce enough food for three months per year. Mr Thapa sometimes works as a skilled labourer.
The local school has no toilets and most of the local families do not have toilets.
They have three buffalo, 3 chickens and a goat. Leopards which frequent the area are a threat to his livestock. Leopards are see as often as twice a day.

Resolve International has since helped the family build a toilet.