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Case StudyŚclean water for schools

Janakalyan Drinking Water Project

This project provided clean drinking water to 1000 pupils 20 teachers of Janakalyan Secondary School and 5 neighbouring families.
Janakalyan is the only secondary school serving pupils from the rural hill villages of Bhimpokhara and Pala.
The school is under-funded, under-equipped and lacks teaching resources. Local people, although living in poverty, collect money for teachers and staff.
Many children walk long distances over the hills to attend Janakalyan school. Many homes have no direct water supply and the only supply of drinking water for the school was a well supplying poor quality water and situated a short walk outside the school grounds.
Water is essential for students to keep hydrated which improves learning, water is also required to flush the three school toilets.

This project aimed to improve the health and wellbeing of over 1000 children.